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Hello everyone! 안녕하세요! (Ahn-nyung-ha-sae-yo)



  • June 29, 2024 depart Toronto AC 061 non-stop at 14:00

  • June 30 arrive Seoul at 17:30

  • June 30 tour begins 

  • July 11 tour ends 

  • July 11 return from Seoul on AC 062 non-stop at 19:05

  • July 11 arriving Toronto same day at 19:25.

Note: If you want to make this a longer trip, a limited number of travelers may fly out up to two weeks before June 29th and return with the group, or fly out with the group and return up to two weeks after July 11th. Any costs associated with deviating from the group booking is responsibility of the family for additional hotel booking and ground transportation etc. Please contact us for details. 


1st registration window: Still Open


IMPORTANT: Payment Due Dates: 

  • Deposit: $100 per person at the time of registration, non-refundable, by e-transfer to (Please check that it says autodeposit to KOREAN CANADIAN ADOPTEE ASSOC)

  • Additional Deposit: $500 per person end of January 2024

  • Air Ticketing: $2,500 per person end of February 2024. Note: If you are departing from another city and connecting to the flight in Toronto the group travel agent can add these connections for your family at an additional cost.

  • Balance: End of March 2024

Travel insurance, medical (required) and trip cancellation (optional) is the responsibility of individual / family travelling.

Financial support is available from KCAA to offset part of the land cost to those "on the fence." If you are "on the fence" because of land costs, you should contact KCAA to figure out how KCAA can support you to join the tour. The exact amount can be determined based on the number of families. 


Here is the Application Link:

Your Motherland Tour Committee

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