Meet the Team

President: Will Cho


Treasurer: Myung Sook Kim, CPA


Chairperson: Rev. David M.H. Kim


Founder and Honorary President: The Late John Lim (1940-2008)


Auditor: Vincent Lim

Website Developer: Andrew Choi

Social Media and Website Designer: Theresa Halili

Communications Team: 

Rebecca Photopoulos

James Quinlan

Caroline Connell

Noelle Lim

Rachel Black

Parent Committee: 

Nina Lee

Kevin Ellis

Lisa Graham

Kevin Grossi

Tony Hum

Stephen Kranabetter

Janet Shutt

Dan MacDougall

Allison O'Conner

Paul Muther

John Pezzak

Patricia Attwood

Board of Directors: 

Rev. David M. H. Kim

Rev. Lark H. Kim

Myung Sook Kim, CPA

Julia Jung

Ester Kim

Paul Muther

Rev John Yoon

Will Cho

Chris Kim

Dae Kang

Vincent Lim

Sonhee Lim

John Lee

Rev. Chang-gil Soh (1943-2018)

Contact Us

President: Will Cho

Address: 99 Mahagony Forest Drive, Maple, ON L6A 0T1

Phone: 647-524-0102


Media inquiries to:

General inquiries to: